Take Charge of Your Next Adventure

This is not my first go round reviewing a product from myCharge. They are a regular part of my electronics gear.  My job requires that I have power no matter where my busy schedule takes me.

The latest unit from myCharge up for review is called Adventure,  a multi- port charger that can handle whatever you throw at it. I mean that literally. One of my first impressions of myCharge products was how solid they are constructed. this is a charger that can take a beating and last a long time. The Adventure has a rugged rubber body that can take the spills and thrills of ones daily routines. It’s splash and drop resistant.

On a recent trip to the Florida Keys, my wife and I drove and explored the entire way south.  The multi-port capabilities came in very handy to keep all of our electronics powered up! And there is one thing you need to know about my wife. When her phone or tablet are at 50%, she NEEDS to power up. Much like when the gas gauge 1/2 full,  she see’s it as half EMPTY!

I would recommend this product for anyone who needs a tough and reliable charger.

On the course, it a solid addition to your golf bag.


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