Rough Up? Flag Up!

One of the more frustrating moments on a golf course is when your foursome has lost a ball…in the rough! You know the area the ball is in but it has become a task in finding, then, suddenly, there it is! You need to mark the area for your playing partner so you throw down your hat, a golf glove or whatever you can find to help locate the ball. Here is a great way to mark the ball and help speed up play on the course.

The BēKEN is the original off-fairway golf ball marker made by BēKEN Golf. The day I tried out this product happened to be a weekend day on a crowded course. It’s been a wetter than normal spring and summer, so needless to say, the rough was JUICY!! The BēKEN with it’s bright colors and terrific design was of great use that day. As I drove the cart and spotted a ball I was able to just toss the marker out to highlight where the ball was. The 8-inch height makes it easy to spot because it sits high above the grass. The design has a heavy base so when you throw it towards a spot it remains upright. Pretty cool! 

There are other uses of the BēKEN that are worth noting. It keeps club handles elevated, dry, and clean around the green on those mornings with heavy dew or course watering. It also helps prevents cigars (smoke em’ if you got em’) from touching the green. If you have left a club on the green (who hasn’t), this is one way to make it unlikely of forgetting your club. It also makes a terrific portable chipping target for practice. You could place several to help you with distance and accuracy.

The BēKEN was developed by two friends who are average golfers after getting tired of searching for golf balls that their golf partners had already found. They realized that a lot of time was wasted not only in locating a golf ball, but also in re-locating a golf ball. 

A 2 pack is priced at $23.99 and a 4 pack is priced at $43.99. Purchase a BēKEN online at: 

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