On and Off Course Booster

At Mid-Atlantic Golf Getaways we are always searching for products that we think would be beneficial for golfers on and off the course. We also look to support the up-and-comers, the smaller enterprises that have a great story to tell. Well, the tale of Kate’s Real Food fits that category very well. Kate Schade started… Continue reading On and Off Course Booster

Rough Up? Flag Up!

One of the more frustrating moments on a golf course is when your foursome has lost a ball…in the rough! You know the area the ball is in but it has become a task in finding, then, suddenly, there it is! You need to mark the area for your playing partner so you throw down… Continue reading Rough Up? Flag Up!

Bamboozled- All 19 Holes

I was introduced to bamboo fabrics quite a few years ago when I purchased a bamboo mock t-shirt. I was immediately impressed with the comfort, so much so, that since then I have added other products featuring the material. All 19 Holes is a company specializing in golf and leisure apparel that celebrate the most… Continue reading Bamboozled- All 19 Holes

Mask Fashion- Ball and Buck

Who would have ever thought we would be deciding before we went out to the store what kind of face mask we were going to wear. The Covid-19 Pandemic has sure changed our lives in so many ways. I’m one of those “Over 60 in the cross-hairs”, individuals who along with his family have followed… Continue reading Mask Fashion- Ball and Buck

Dry Glove- Get a Grip!

I am one golfer who tends to perspire a bit more that my other playing companions.  I’ve always been a bit envious when I watch someone who has very little difficulty with his grip when playing in hot and humid weather. Here in the Mid-Atlantic, we always go through a stretch of torrid heat in… Continue reading Dry Glove- Get a Grip!