22 Below Can Sleeves- Ice Cold Baby

There is nothing, and I mean nothing like and ice cold beer during a round of golf during a sweltering hot day. The only problem is, because it is so stinking hot, how do we keep that beer, water or soft drink refreshingly chilled.

Traditional kozzies do just fine, but if you really want to step up your game, I highly recommend the can sleeves from 22Below.  From the time I picked it up, I could tell it was drastically different that the standard koozie just in the weight and feel of the product. A majority of the koozies you will run into today and either paper thin or awkwardly constructed. The 22Below looks and feels built for the task ahead.

To properly test the product, I waited till my spring recent golf trip with the boys to see how 22Below did. The weather was not as hot as I would have liked it but I still could tell the the 22Below can sleeve did it’s job in keeping my refresher plenty cold! I really look forward to using it more as the hot weather golf season heats up.

Plenty of purchasing options are available at the website www.22below.us 22below is located in Charlotte, NC and founded by Kenny Ramsey. #beercansleeves #22below #keepmybeercold

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