Body Glide- Chafe No More

If you play sports, you know there are certain things that are inevitable. One, you are going to lose a few and win a few. If you won all of the time in the game(s) you play, it really wouldn’t be much of a challenge.

Your body also takes some losses in the heat of battle and particularly on the golf course. Parts of your body like your arms and legs rubbing together can lead to some concerns.  Chafing is a problem that can become quite irritating and cause much discomfort which unfortunately will lead to some displeasure on the course. This could eventually affect your performance and overall score.

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Body Glide protects with an invisible barrier. Simply apply to the needed areas and fight skin burns, chafing, raw skin, rash and irritation.  We found that compared to other creams and applications, Body Glide was much less messy and greasy. It resembles a deodorant type application if that helps you understand how easy it is to apply (see above image).

Before you head out to the links, use Body Glide on areas that are prone to chaffing like your thighs, neck and arms. Leave nothing to chance when it comes to your comfort on the golf course.

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